Sunday, September 14, 2014

My Year of Darwin 9/14/2014: I may offend, but I do it honestly

 Charles Darwin

"My dear Gray, I forget the exact words which I used in my former letter, but I daresay I said that I thought you would utterly despise me, when I told you what views I had arrived at, which I did because I thought I was bound as an honest man to do so...."  Charles Darwin, Letter to American botanist, Asa Gray, September 1857

Amazingly, I hear students complain that they were at some function and during a discussion of biology they are asked "you don't believe in evolution, do you?"  Evolution is still not accepted by many American (and polls show that it's less than half). Now, try telling people that you don't believe in a god - any of them - and you'll be looked at as an evil nut. And it does not matter if you reached this conclusion through careful thinking.

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