Tuesday, September 2, 2014

My Year of Darwin 9/2/2014: A bad day for Chuck

 Charles Darwin

"My dear Fox, I am rather low today about all my experiments, -everything has been going wrong - the fan-tails have picked the feathers out of the Pouters in their Journey home - the fish at the Zoological Gardens after eating seeds would spit them all out again - Seeds will sink in salt-water - all nature is perverse & will not do as I wish it, & just at present I wish I had the old Barnacles to work at & nothing new."  Charles Darwin,letter to W.D. Fox, May 1855

Everybody has a bad day 'ol boy! Darwin has been raising pigeons to see how much of their phenotype he could change. He was also experimenting in biogeography and seeing how seeds moved to islands through fish or floating in salt water (or not). 

Elected chair of the Academic Planning Committee.  This ought to be fun. Now we're going to reviewing programs that we approved. 

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