Friday, September 26, 2014

My Year of Darwin 9/26/2014: Darwin the Evangelist

 Charles Darwin

"I forget whether I told you that Hooker, who is our best British Botanist & perhaps best in the World, is a full convert, & is now going immediately to publish his confession of FaithCharles Darwin, Letter to A.R. Wallace, April 1859

Wallace independently (we think) came up with natural selection so he a co-conspirator with Darwin. Origins, the manuscript, is about to be in the hands of the publisher. Darwin's health is crap but he must be excited at this point to see his book - his very own ideas - go to the press. 

Interesting use of terms and probably appropriate. I've seen arguments (mostly on Facebook, of course) by creationists that evolution is a religion - and the evolutionists deny. But I'm totally OK if you consider evolution a religion if you define religion as a world-view. Then evolution naturally follows a naturalistic world view - though this would change if evidence, yes evidence, were provided that evolution wasn't true. If you consider religion to be something based solely on argument from authority - then no, evolution isn't true. As for the word faith - that comes down to how you're using it. 

And I'm totally cool with saying I believe in evolution. Much as I believe gravity pulls me to the earth and the sun will rise tomorrow. 

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