Saturday, September 6, 2014

My Year of Darwin 9/5/2014: More tip-toeing around an inescapable conclusion

 Charles Darwin

"You will be rather indignant at hearing that I am being, indeed I should say have become, sceptical on the permanent immutability of species. I groan when I make such a confession, for I have little sympathy from those, whose sympathy I alone value"  Charles Darwin,letter to J.D. Dana, September 1856

I just heard another colleague say that evolution was accepted at the time - among scientists - but the mechanism is unknown. All suggestions from Darwin however, tell us otherwise. Many, including famous biologists (e.g., Agassiz of Harvard U) believed that species were forever unchanging or immutable. 

But, Darwin's conclusions are inescapable. Logistical and consistent with ALL evidence. What is a man to do. 

When you die, your brain dies. How does one possibly think, remember, feel in the afterlife? Inescapable conclusion - you don't. Number of people that believe it? Handfuls. 

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