Monday, December 29, 2014

Bye Aubry

Today we put our dog of four years to sleep. Aubry probably had Lyme-disease associated glomerulonephritis although we don't know for sure. 

We picked her up February 27, 2011 from Mostly Mutts in Sunbury, PA. It was a snowy day and she (then Tia) was as icy as the roads. I was a bit skeptical because she made no hint that she was interested in humans. The first day she came by and sniffed us, ate her food, and slept on the floor. The second day was going the same then soon after lunch we gave her a bath.  Everything changed. I don't know why or what went through her head but she bolted down stairs and leaped on the sofa and she was my companion ever since. I guess she then knew that she was home. 

She was my best field technician. After spending the first 20 minutes bounding through the grass, she'd settle and stick by me and watch us catch or count birds. She regularly went with me to visit my parents in Cape May or to school once or twice. 

Aubry was there with her head on my lap to watch me write manuscripts, check email, chat with students. If you said "grab a toy" she'd grab a toy, if you said "go for a ride" she'd run to the truck, and if you said "time for a bath" she'd run and hide.

She would spring at the door if she was getting impatient for you to get your key in the door. She'd bark out of jealousy when I kissed my wife. She growled at boys and bit a flooring guy in the ass. She was sassy. We loved her and she loved us. 

The doctor came in around 1. My arms were wrapped around her neck and her head resting on my arm. One dose to put her to sleep. One dose to stop her heart. She was gone. We were heartbroken. 

We have one other dog. A very good old dog. He's the Keith Richards of dogs. He was another rescue. But the house is quiet and she will be missed. Bye Aubry, we love you.

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